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Telephone Fraud Monitor

Telephone fraud, otherwise known as ‘Dial-in Fraud’ is now the largest source of fraud in the UK, being four times greater than credit card fraud and costing businesses over £1.5billion a year.

Many people today are able to relate to an experience of opening a phone bill that causes a sharp intake of breath. But what if it was not just a couple of hundred pounds? What if it was thousands? Unfortunately, many companies never know they have been hacked until the bill arrives.

Criminals can now hack into even the most advanced business telephone systems and use their lines to ring premium rate phone numbers set up abroad, leaving businesses liable for the charges. The technology used is getting smarter by the day as the hackers find new, inventive methods to bypass call monitoring software.

Telephones are the lifeline of most businesses but without the correct precautions in place they could also be the biggest overlooked risk. Without the necessary protection, businesses are leaving themselves vulnerable to fraudsters capable of running up phone bills worth thousands of pounds.

With Fraud Monitor from Criterion your calls will be monitored 24/7 by our dedicated monitoring system. We will contact you immediately when we spot any suspicious activity, while setting up a call barring service to stop any further charges. Fraud Monitor gives you the potential to catch fraudulent activity sooner and we have already saved many of our customers thousands of pounds by alerting them to frauds.

Fraud Monitor is included with all of our phone system packages so that you’ll benefit from a diligent service complete with the expertise needed to deliver the protection your business needs now and in future.

Don’t think it will ever happen to you?

The Statistics

  • UK Is 3rd most targeted country in the world costing £1.5bn last year
  • Global telephone fraud costs businesses £40bn per year – 2% of all calls made
  • Average cost of incident is £10,000
  • 84% of UK businesses are vulnerable to hacking

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