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Unified Mobile

Mobile phones give us the freedom to connect on the move. What if you could have the extra features your office network has and could access from your mobile? Reception, conferencing and call reporting all from your mobile using one number across all devices. Welcome to Criterion Mobile Connect.

Unified Mobile integrates your mobile phone with your Voice over IP (VoIP) service. This allows you to join landline, mobile and laptop together so you can do business anytime, anywhere.

You can adopt Unified Mobile at your own pace,  there’s no app to download and you only pay for what they need.  Combining the flexibility of a mobile and the features of VoIP, Unified Mobile can aid your teams flexibility and productivity allowing them to speak to whom they need to, when they need to, wherever they may be.

The flexibility of mobile with the features of your network system.

Call Logging and Recording

Call recording
Record calls anywhere to monitor training and quality assurance.

Pick up voicemails from any device in any location.

Local service
Present your local business number wherever you are.

Monitor all calls made, received and missed from any device.

No phone app means your mobile battery lasts longer.

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