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Business Mobile

Criterion’s business mobile phone service delivers outstanding value on coverage for voice & data in the UK.

We have flexible travel options and a focus on customer service, so you’ll always have a reliable signal wherever you are. Reliability is critical – our network has access to the biggest mobile data service in the UK, for a better overall mobile experience.

  • Direct access the UK’s core mobile network, no reliance on other networks.
  • Business only lines, no consumer traffic.
  • 5G as standard
  • Extended voicemail storage
  • Flexible greeting options
  • A fixed/mobile convergence roadmap
  • Save you up to 25% on your current mobile costs.
  • Simple billing process.
  • Network neutrality.
  • Flexibility. Use bundles alongside pay-as-you-go tariffs.
  • Roaming deals outside the UK.
  • Find the right plan – usage and spend review

As an independent telecommunications partner we have network neutrality. All our plans are tailored to your real needs. We’re not bound by specific manufacturers or their tariffs. With features including 5G as standard, extended voicemail storage and flexible greetings options, you can customise your greetings messages based individual numbers and business hours. Our business mobile packages combine the strengths of our partner networks, Vodafone, O2 and EE, with the trust and stability of Criterion account management, customer service and billing systems.

Multi-Network Coverage

Be heard wherever you are in the UK. Criterion’s multi-network feature offers a more reliable signal than a single network. There’s no need for multiple mobile phone provider contracts. As an independent company with access to the core mobile network, we can adapt quicker than other larger networks.

Device Insurance

Stay productive and secure by protecting your employee’s assets and securing quick replacement of their devices.

Our insurance service covers smartphone, laptops and tablets against damage and loss, meaning your handset can be replaced quickly. To avoid unplanned costs we recommend you consider mobile device insurance. We cover:

  • Theft: If your mobile device is stolen we will replace it.
  • Loss: If your employee loses their mobile device we will replace it.
  • Accidental and Liquid Damage: We’ll have the device fixed and pay for any costs incurred.
  • Malicious Damage: If your device is maliciously damaged by somebody else, we’ll fix or replace it.
mobile phones business
Mobile multi-network coverage, device insurance and roaming, all from Criterion.

International Roaming

Whether you need to make a call, email or browse the web abroad, we’ve got you covered. Our international data roaming service allows you to access your call and data services by applying a small bundle to your existing plan.

  • Avoid excessive charges
  • Tariff passport packages based on country
  • Mobile convergence. Make calls over WiFi connectivity
  • Direct dial. Use your office number while abroad.
  • Bespoke discounts

M2M Sim Cards (Machine to Machine connectivity)

We provide M2M Sim Cards for all industries.
M2M (Machine to Machine) is the ability for devices to communicate via WiFi (or phone signal) without human intervention.  M2M can be found in utilities for smart metres, HD CCTV, and entertainment devices like the Amazon echo.

Our M2M platform uses BT’s SIMs that enable customers to control and manage all their devices from an online dashboard. Powerful features such as diagnostics and automation rules allow customers to lower the costs of using M2Mconnectivity.

Customer service excellence

Our UK support teams are co-located,  so you’ll always have access to our expert team for fault resolution and provisioning.

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