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Cloud Backup

Criterion Systems understands how important it is to ensure that all of your data is backed up safely and securely. This is why we offer cloud backup to all of our customers, giving you the peace of mind that your critical files will always be there, waiting for you should you need them.

If you lose your data, we are just a phone call away and ready to restore your backed up data at any time of the day.

Should unforeseen circumstances ever occur to you and your business, our proactive support team are constantly available to help you get back up to normal as quickly as possible.

Combining our UK data centres with our state of the art network infrastructure, we make it as quick as possible to restore your data from the cloud.

As well as price, a lack of understanding and expertise; time is one of the most common reasons that companies do not back up their data. At Criterion we are able to back up your data in the background whilst your company runs as usual on a day to day basis. Your computer files can be backed up continuously and automatically to the cloud whenever you are connected to the internet, without causing you as a customer any downtime or commitment.

We offer our years of expertise and cost effective pricing to help ensure that you and your business are risk free when it comes to the unexpected and you can get back up and running from any situation in no time at all.

Our remarkable cloud backup solution also allows you to do clever things with your data. Analyse, replicate, protect, archive and search – you’re in complete control. Our multi skilled engineers are able to attend site, install and configure the system into your infrastructure, leaving the backups to take place automatically.

Plus, your cloud storage is scalable in an instant. The capacity of your cloud backup storage will stretch to fit every piece of data you want backed up. We cleverly duplicate and compress your data to reduce your storage costs and give you even more space to store more of your backup files.