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Phone System Maintenance

Telecoms are vital to every business. If your phone system goes down, the disruption it can cause can have a detrimental effect on your company if not dealt with immediately.

Most companies start losing money and customers from the moment their phones stop working, which is why its so important to have phone system maintenance in place to minimise the risk of downtime in your business.

No one likes to pay out for maintenance service cover for their telephone systems as for many people it’s a service they never see the benefits of. However, in this increasingly competitive world of business if you’re unfortunate enough to experience problems with your telephone system or network, then having a maintenance support contract with a telecoms provider you can trust, could be the lifeline you need in order to return to normal business in quick time.

A telephone system maintenance contract from Criterion

  • Ensures you will have a qualified engineer working on your problem within four working hours with all parts and labour costs covered.
  • We use a network of qualified and experienced telecoms engineers across the UK, which means we can respond fast and provide your business with a reliable service at very competitive rates.
  • Support contracts are available on all manufacturer’s products, including all BT supplied systems.
  • With a maintenance package from Criterion, it ensures you have predefined engineering response time agreed for major faults so you can avoid extended downtime

Everyone in business knows the importance of providing professional, high standard customer service in order to develop, maintain and grow customer relationships. With Criterion you get peace of mind that any problems you may have are dealt with quickly and professionally, keeping your business operational and providing a platform for organisational sustainability.

The price of telephone system maintenance support contracts are generally based on the cost to replace the hardware covered, so it is possible to keep costs down to a minimum by just covering your core systems effectively and excluding the telephone handsets from the contract. Replacement handsets for most systems can be purchased on next day delivery and it is also easy to identify a faulty phone without the need for an engineer to visit your site.