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Hosted Telephony for Solicitors

Helping Law Firms improve efficiency with a hosted phone system.


Law firms are under pressure to deliver client requirements to schedule and in a professional manner. Therefore the telephony system that they choose to use is of paramount importance. Law firms require reliable telephone systems in order to operate efficiently on a day-to-day basis.

The Challenge

In an industry that is under immense pressure to deliver high standards of client service, telephone lines must be clear, available and if lines are unavailable having the ability to leave an urgent message is a must. Clients need to be able to communicate with their lawyers whenever the need arises. Reliability therefore must be the foundation of any telephony system in this high pressure industry.

Law firms also need a scalable solution, given that they can range in employee size from SMEs through to large enterprise businesses, the telephony solution must cater for all sizes.

Demand changes also mean that regardless of office location or remote working the telephone system has to adapt accordingly. Lawyers will also be out of office when in court or at meetings, so calls must have the flexibility to be re-directed to a mobile phone.

Lawyers need accurate reporting tools to determine how much money is spent on each client, including time spent on phone calls. Reporting is required to bill clients accurately and ensure that the law firm can achieve maximum profit. Without this crucial reporting information law firms could lose money.

Call recording is also essential due to the nature of the industry and the need to refer back to key notes and conversations. There are a few key requirements that the law industry will depend upon in order to successfully implement a telephone system.

Horizon Hosted for Law Firms

The Solution

  • Akixi 2000
    Akixi enables law firms to generate reports on time spent on the phone, and to which customers/clients. Then, when required, Akixi can run reports enabling law firms to easily set up surcharges and markups for specific events and clients.
  • Call recording
    Law firms often have to deal with sensitive subjects, and call recording for some of these calls could be vital. There are four options for the call recording, all allowing control over what is being recorded, and when.
  • Receptionist client
    As most law firms charge directly for their time, transferring of calls needs to be slick and seamless. The receptionist client also allows the receptionist to reprioritise customers as the calls come in.
  • Mobile client
    Many employees of law firms are in and out of the office, at meetings with clients or in court. The mobile client would give them full Hosted functionality, including the One Number Anywhere feature, and mobile chat, from wherever they have 3G/4G/Wifi signal.
  • Hot desking
    For those staff who are in and out of the office a lot, an area of the office where they can sit down in between meetings would be beneficial. They do not have to be given fixed desks, and hot desking would give them a four digit code that, once entered into the phone, will pull their Hosted profile from the cloud onto that particular handset.
  • Integrator CRM
    When certain customers/clients call in to the office, a pop-up on screen enables staff to answer the phone accordingly. This, given the fact that clients are paying for a lawyer’s time by the minute, can be a differentiator to other law firms in the industry.

Horizon ensures law firms have the telephony tools they need to improve efficiency.