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FTTP Broadband

What is FTTP?

FTTP is a new technology that we are trialling. It replaces the copper broadband services that ADSL/ADSL2+ use by running fibre all the way from your local exchange to your property. As fibre doesn’t degrade the speed over the distance and isn’t subject to the same kind of interference problems as copper you should see a faster and more reliable service.

How quickly can I get Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) installed?

This will depend on how close the fibre cable is to your premises. We’ll be able to tell you this when you order our Fibre Broadband products, ranging from 80Mb Down/20Mb Up speeds, to a whopping 1000Mb Down/220Mb Up speeds.

  • 0 stage install: if an Optical Network Termination unit (or ONT) already exists at your premises, it’s very quick to get connected. We can remotely activate a port on the ONT and the rest is generally self-installation. The average connection time is between 1 and 3 working days.
  • 1 stage install: this is when the fibre cable termination is quite close to your premises. The average connection times are between 9 and 18 working days (subject to engineer availability). You’ll need to be at the premises to get this connected, as the engineer will need to drill through your wall to install an ONT.
  • 2 stage install: this is when the fibre cable termination may not be close to your premises. This will take longer to install and we may need to complete a survey, as well as any external work. Because of this, the installation may be delayed*, incur excess construction charges** or be deemed infeasible. The average connection times are between 20 and 35 working days (subject to engineer availability). The engineer will complete any external work to bring the cable termination close to your premises, typically 5-10 days before installing equipment at your premises.

Can I use my existing cable for FTTP?

Generally not. Openreach will, in most cases, require a hole to be drilled into your premises for a fibre cable to be fed through, and an ONT.

Are orders committed when placed?

No. We can’t commit to an installation date when you order, as all orders are subject to survey, and change, and can in some circumstances incur excess construction charges**.

How will you update me on the progress of my FTTP order?

We’ll send you emails and texts at the various stages of your FTTP installation.

*Sometimes we’ll need to dig up roads or put in overhead cable across or near a road. To comply with the Traffic Management Act or TMA, we have to get local authorisation to do this type of work and this can cause delays.

**Excess construction charges – these only apply in exceptional circumstances. They’re generally raised in cases where there is more external work required from Openreach than was initially estimated. And an email will outline the details and next steps.