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Call Recording


Echo is the call recording module that can be incorporated into either TIM Plus or TIM Enterprise in order to provide a fully integrated call logging and recording solution. It can be attached to either ISDN, Analogue or SIP lines. Any phone call going over those channels is intercepted, recorded, then sent to our call logger to be attached as just another property of the logged call.

How does it work?

Unlike other call recording systems, each call’s audio is linked to the person not the phone line, making it very easy to locate calls. This is made possible by reconciling the detailed phone call information that the call logger gets from your phone system(s), with each call recording event from the phone lines.

Record VoIP/SIP

For VoIP (SIP) channels, a PC with a standard network interface card (NIC) can be used to capture the voice packets from strategic points in your voice network. If many simultaneous VoIP calls are expected, a dedicated computer with multiple NICs becomes necessary.

Record PSTN

To record calls over PSTN, channels such as ISDN30 (PRI/E1/T1/J1), ISDN2 (BRI) or analogue POT lines, a piece of physical hardware is used to physically connect into your lines.

PSTN Recording

These come in many forms, and the device used is determined by the number and type of lines being recorded. Contact us for full details.


All calls are securely encrypted using a 256-bit AES symmetric key algorithm.

Build a solution

Simply build your own solution by choosing your preferred call logging platform (TIM Plus or Enterprise) and then adding the hardware and/or software required to record any combination of lines across any number of sites. Access to all calls and their associated recordings is via any standard web browser.

You can now get the voice recordings of all calls from any combination of any of the following lines:

  • ISDN30 / PRI
  • ISDN2 / BRI
  • SIP VOIP calls
  • Cisco Skinny calls (SCCP)
  • POTS/Analogue phone lines

Click to Play

Echo integrates tightly with the call logger, meaning that wherever you see an itemised call in any report, you can just click to listen to it!

Click to Play

The advantages of this approach include:

  • Easy access to all calls via any standard web browser including https
  • Ability to record single and multi-sites with centralised access
  • Facility to record any combination of line types in a single solution e.g. PRI, BRI, SIP, Analogue
  • Ability to add recording to any PBX or combination of PBXs
  • Unlimited concurrent access for multiple users
  • Controlled access at multiple levels
  • No client software required
  • Based on open standards so your third-party software immediately gains access to the voice recordings
  • All features included as standard e.g. encryption, notes, scoring etc

MiFID II Compliance

All of our call recording solutions are MiFID II compliant. For details click here


In summary, you get a fully-integrated call logging and call recording solution that allows you to access all calls from a centralised interface, regardless of the number of sites or telephone systems.

Using the technique Triline pioneered to attach audio to every single phone call on virtually any telephone system, we blend the audio of each call directly into our TIM Plus and TIM Enterprise call loggers so they can be transformed into high-end voice recording solutions.

So wherever you see an itemised call in any call logging report, you can just click to listen to it!

Unlike other, separate, call recorders that require special client software, any call is securely playable through the existing web interface, using nothing more than a standard web browser! And because our call loggers are so open, your third-party software immediately gains access to the voice recordings. So now you can integrate details of all calls and their associated recordings into your own back-end systems, such as CRM, policy administration and supply chain systems, perhaps searching for calls by customer number, policyholder, etc.