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Memorable Phone Numbers

A phone number is one of the gateways between a business and the customer. Along with email it is one of the primary points of contact between your business and all potential custom.

Displayed across your website, outgoing mail and all marketing literature, a phone number is part of how your business is represented to the outside world. Portraying a professional image by using a memorable, business specific phone number is something that should not be under estimated.

At Criterion we can provide your company with the right phone number(s) to suit your business. Whether you want to offer free, local or national rate, premium rate or a combination of phone numbers with which your customers can contact you, we’re here to help.

Choosing the right telephone number can have a huge impact on your business. Take advantage of our years of industry experience and let us recommend numbers to transform the way telephony works for you.

Whether you want to attract new customers with free phone calls, generate revenue, or give your business an easy to remember number and a national presence, we have a range of number options to suit your needs.

Why have a Non-Geographic Phone Number?

Rather than pigeon holing yourself into a particular location, non-geographic numbers allow you to present a national appearance and potentially appeal to a broader selection of customers.

Local Business Phone Numbers

If you’re looking to simply set up your business with a local phone number, or you’re expanding and need numbers for various locations across the country, we can offer local numbers to suit your needs.

Memorable Phone Numbers

One of the fun ways people use Non Geographic Numbers is by creating easily memorable numbers to help in marketing efforts. You can use Non Geographic numbers to accurately report which of your campaigns is performing the best.