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Hosted Voice over IP Phone System

Business telephony. Evolved.

Whether in anticipation of the ISDN and PSTN switch offs which will shift all phone lines online or simply to update your business communications, moving to hosted IP telephony can provide a huge number of benefits no matter what the current size of your business.

Here at Criterion Systems, we offer a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephony system known as ‘Horizon VoIP’ to save you money and offer you the best in online call management services. An IP telephony solution can provide huge savings compared with traditional PBX systems, as well as safer communications and a more manageable, scalable call network.

A VoIP system gives you everything that a traditional telephone service did but will save your business money on hardware and maintenance as it is hosted in the cloud via broadband internet connection. Being hosted in the cloud means that your voice calls are converted into data which is then transmitted over the internet, rather than traditional phone lines.

All this information is hosted centrally at our data centre, which is especially beneficial for multiple-site businesses as all users are managed on the same system and have access to the same directories while you only pay for one system.

A cloud-based phone system is much more flexible than your traditional phone and is perfect for those who are often on the go but need to keep in contact with customers and the office. VoIP technology enables seamless business continuity by allowing you to manage voice calls from your computer and your mobile device. With Voice over IP telephony, you won’t be missing any important phone calls again.

How does hosted IP telephony work?

Our VoIP phone looks and operates in much the same way as a traditional phone. It has a keypad that you dial the same telephone numbers into, and a handset that you can talk into and listen with when you make telephone calls. The only difference is that these calls are hosted online. Online phone communication has been around for a long time but developments in the technology now mean they now operate at a similar or better quality, meaning you can serve your clients with the same quality of customer service at lower costs and higher efficiency.

You can also use softphone technology which is hosted on your computer or mobile device meaning those who work remotely have easier access to phone services and can still use their home numbers wherever they are. Reduce call costs and switch seamlessly between devices in real-time for the best professional telephone service for your business needs.

Because internet telephony sends your data across the IP network, over the internet to any location at no extra cost, the cost of calling for your business has been slashed significantly. 

All of your internet phones will be connected through a high-speed internet connection to our VoIP service, which is ‘in the cloud’. This means that they are based, or hosted on the broadband internet. This is just like how your computer’s email programs are connected to an Internet Service Providers email system. Our VoIP service runs on dedicated servers in London and Manchester, which run carrier-grade software.

The cloud effectively replaces the old PBX switchboard and PSTN telephone lines, which cuts down on your maintenance costs and line rentals as you no longer have a need for that old infrastructure.

Most importantly, when you make a call with Criterion’s VoIP service, everything feels, works and sounds exactly the same as you’re already used to.

Is VoIP technology right for my business?

VoIP technology is perfect for your business if you are looking to cut down on the cost of your telephone calls. VoIP also has cheaper maintenance costs due to the redundancy of traditional telephone lines and other physical equipment. All you need is the actual phones and a router.

Internet telephony easily allows you to network multiple offices and employees. It also lets your employees or branches work remotely and still make inter-company calls at no cost.

VoIP services centralise your cost control and management whilst providing a more flexible and dynamic telephone network. The Voice over IP network is also completely secure and can be used over public internet when you are out and about.

If your existing PBX or support contract is coming to its end, then now is the perfect time to update your business telephone network to the more advanced and cost-saving Voice over IP telephony service.

The advantages of a VoIP business phone system

1. Low-cost phone calls

Rather than paying a long-distance fee to your landline provider, or racking up charges making international calls on a mobile phone, you can pay a low fee to a VoIP provider and connect the phone call through the internet at a much cheaper rate. Since VoIP technology utilises your existing internet connection, you no longer pay for access and usage fees on two separate sets of wires.

2. Unified communications

With a Criterion VoIP solution, you are able to integrate your VoIP phone service with other communications such as email and fax. With unified communications, you have the ability to have voicemail messages emailed directly to you wherever you may be. This is perfect for business people on the go, home workers and hot deskers.

3. You already have the infrastructure in place

If you already have a broadband connection then you can easily add a Voice over IP phone system at a reduced cost. VoIP telephony makes use of your high-speed internet connection, making the switch to VoIP easy and cost-effective.

4. Flexibility with your phone number

VoIP telephone systems provide flexible options when it comes to your phone number. VoIP lets you use one phone number for all your business locations. This lets you receive calls through your VoIP phone number to your landline, office or your mobile phone. You also have the option to choose your business phone number’s location. For example, you could have a London phone number without being there, or an international number in a location you are not in yet.

5. Easier to move offices or set up a new office

Using a VoIP system makes it very easy to move or set up a new office. You no longer have to have cumbersome phone systems, PBX boxes or phone lines. VoIP phones can be relocated by simply unplugging them from the current network port and plugging them into a new port. Similarly, new phones or sites can be added much quicker than a PBX phone because most of the configuration is a simple software click. You also won’t need to change your well-promoted phone numbers. Additionally, when setting up a new office, consider the total cost of ownership over the life cycle of a phone system. Voice over IP is typically 30% less expensive than a competitive PBX system.

6. Keep your phone system up to date easily

Since a VoIP system is hosted by the VoIP provider (e.g. Criterion) and is largely software-based, rather than physical telephony equipment, you do not have to worry about your phone system going out of date or needing to be upgraded. VoIP systems can be easily updated by the VoIP service provider, bringing new features to you at the touch of a button.

Criterion’s Horizon VoIP Service

The old fashioned PBX phone system does not come cheap. There is the capital cost of acquisition, installation, on-going maintenance and added high costs for additional functionality such as voicemail and unified messaging. All before you’ve even made a call.

With Criterion’s Horizon VoIP service, businesses can take a complete bundled internet telephony package from us which reduces costs and enables almost any company to have the best kind of communications system available.

The Horizon VoIP service has all the features mentioned above, as well as:

  • Zero upfront capital cost
  • Short-term contract
  • Latest Cisco IP phone as standard with video conferencing capability
  • Excellent call quality
  • Free VoIP-to-VoIP calls on your internal network
  • Use your extension anywhere in an iOS/Android app