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Computer Telephony Integration

As the name suggests, CTI connects our customers telephone with their office computer, making them more productive and customer service orientated. By integrating your IT and phone systems together, our CTI application ‘Integrator’ provides huge gains in workplace efficiency.

This solution enables business phone users to instantly save and view all call information going to and from their telephone. Supplying users with the necessary data to return calls more quickly and efficiently. Providing a simple way to save and view your call history, Integrator helps you to manage your workload and call customers back instantly.

Computer Telephony Integration is at its most useful when combined with your customer relationship management system. That way, when a customer calls in you’ll be presented with all of their information held on your CRM and be able to begin the conversation accordingly.

When a call is made into the company, the callers ID is displayed in a small notification window on your computer, along with their name and details about all previous correspondence. This allows calls to be dealt with more efficiently, and also enables our customers to greet their clients by name to make the call more personable.

If the caller is not recognised, CTI provides a Google search of the phone number to identify where they are calling from, giving you a head start on providing great customer service. Integrator also acts as a time saving tool internally. If you needed to transfer a call or call a colleague, CTI provides a display which shows whether the person is available or whether they are already on another call.

As well as dealing with inbound calls, Integrator allows you to quickly and easily dial from your desktop, simply by clicking a number in your web browser or straight from your CRM database. No more manually typing in the number using your phone.