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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is a cloud service from Criterion Systems, based on virtual servers from which customers can run their normal business applications.

These virtual servers are provided as a direct alternative to the traditional on-premise or data centre hosted servers and are accompanied by appropriate storage, security, and networking facilities.

Cloud Compute can best be described as ‘Infrastructure as a Service’ (IaaS) whereby you don’t own, manage or maintain any of the underlying hardware. You simply manage your traditional applications without concerning yourselves with the resources needed to support the applications.

  • Fully managed IT infrastructure service hosted on the most advanced and resilient platform globally
  • Secure platform design with firewall and VPN connectivity
  • Opex model so customers only pay for what is used
  • One fixed monthly fee, including all server, storage, firewall and network changes
  • With physical and virtual security benefits and resilience built in, your customers’ IT team can focus on core business issues, not the platform
  • Future-proof platform that can be easily scaled up and down as required to enable business growth
  • 24 x 7 x 365 pro-active monitoring

Small and medium-sized companies will find Cloud Compute an attractive proposition because we have simplified the buying options and removed the need for you to configure the service yourself. You can also take advantage of the free of charge audit to ensure what’s built is sized appropriately and configured correctly.

Organisations trust us with their voice, mobile and data services and now, working in partnership with the largest public cloud infrastructure service in the world, Amazon Web Services, we can also manage your servers, storage and provision your firewall rules for you. Cloud Compute removes the server-based operational and support burden from within an organisation’s IT spend; resulting in either a reduced overall spend on IT and/or a better use of their time by focusing on business-centric activities rather than server hardware.

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