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Call Logging

Telephone Information Management

Our call Logging software allows you to manage, analyse and control your communications, whilst ensuring that missed calls never materialise into missed sales opportunities.

Utilising the intelligence built-in to your chosen telephone solution, your business can be assured that the addition of call management reporting will allow you to manage both your staff and your business far more effectively.

  • Which staff or departments are taking too long to answer the phone?
  • How many people called your business yesterday and hung up or got a busy tone?
  • Might they have then called your competitor?
  • What is the cost of missing a potential order?

Call logging gives you a complete cradle-to-grave view of every internal and external call on your phone system. View historical reports or real-time activity within your entire business, focusing on a specific department, team, or even an individual employee. This information enables you to identify trends in calling patterns and performance, ensuring you are capturing every opportunity to connect.

Backed up with powerful reporting tools and analytics, TIM Plus has been designed to deliver real time call information in an easy to understand dashboard that can be tailored to your needs. Spot how many missed calls you’re receiving, at what time and to whom. With TIM Plus you’ll soon find staff start managing their own telephony practices. It comes with a catalogue of predefined reports including caller tolerance, hourly call distribution, extension activity, DDI analysis and unreturned missed calls information.

In particular, the Unreturned Missed Calls report provides intelligent analysis of missed calls to give a concise list of callers who have not been called back. This enables you to minimise the cost and missed opportunities from dropped calls and deliver the highest levels of customer service to both existing clients and new prospects.