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Mobile Data

Machine to Machine (M2M) or Mobile Data Sims describes the ability of devices to connect and send data to each other automatically without human intervention. M2M connectivity is made possible through short range technology such as WiFi or cellular connectivity including 2G, 3G and 4G. M2M has widespread industrial uses, and can be found in most vertical sectors. For example, in utilities for smart meters, the automotive sector for vehicle telematics and fleet management, retail POS systems, security and HD CCTV, and the medical sector for disease and healthcare monitoring.

Sin Cards

M2M SIMs are different to dongles, which usually supply mobile broadband data connectivity. M2M SIMs are specifically designed for M2M applications and are more robust physically and electronically. Our SIMs are also attached to our M2M platform that enables customers to control and manage all their devices from a single web-portal. The platform also includes powerful features, such as diagnostics and automation rules, so customers can increase the reliability and lower the costs of M2M.

We can provide all type of M2M Sim Cards for any industry.