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Ethernet First Mile Internet

Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) gives you a tough and reliable high-speed business internet connection. Being both cheaper and quicker to install, this makes EFM one of the most commonly purchased types of leased lines, simply because it is the most cost effective.

Our EFM offering makes leased lines affordable to all SME organisations whether they’re urban or rurally located, whilst delivering the same reliable SLA’s. At Criterion, each EFM circuit we install is tailored and bespoke to individual business needs so that we ensure you only pay for what you need. Delivering guaranteed symmetrical bandwidth speeds between 2Mbps and 30Mbps and this approach can result in 40% costs savings when compared to a fibre based Leased Line.

Providing an affordable next step from ADSL or FTTC for growing businesses, EFM can support more users than ADSL without a noticeable drop in speed and can also provide equal speeds for both uploading and downloading data. Due to the fact that EFM is delivered on multiple copper pairs there is an inherent level of resilience. If one of the copper pairs should become defective, then there will be a graceful degradation of bandwidth as opposed to a total loss of service.

EFM is an uncontended product, meaning you are not sharing the connections at the exchange with anyone else. Your connection is dedicated solely for your business alone. EFM’s unmetered symmetrical nature is also great for companies using SIP, hosted telephony, video conferencing or for businesses who need to upload large quantities of data such as back-ups to the cloud or a centralised server location.