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Mobile Phone Insurance

Mobile work devices have transformed the modern day organisation and we now spend more time working from these crucial devices than ever before.

That’s why protecting your employee’s assets and securing the quick replacement of their communication tools is definitely a sound investment.

Any delay can have a serious impact on your employee’s productivity and their ability to communicate with each other, and your customers. Whether it’s a smartphone, laptop or tablet, modern mobile devices can be extremely costly to replace. To give you peace of mind and avoid those unplanned costs we recommend you consider mobile device insurance. Our insurance service covers you against both damage and loss, meaning your handset can be replace in no time at all.

Our cover includes the following:

  • Theft: If your mobile device is stolen we will replace it.
  • Loss: If your employee loses their mobile device we will replace it.
  • Accidental and Liquid Damage: We’ll have the device fixed and pay for any costs incurred.
  • Malicious Damage: If your device is maliciously damaged by somebody else, we’ll fix or replace it.