Business Telephone Systems

Great Value business communication and telephone systems, mobiles and line rental are what we do at Criterion. We streamline your systems and provide support to your business with a full  technical support service, maintenance back-ups, advice and staff training. As a result, we can save you time and money on telephony needs.

We work with small and medium-sized enterprises from 2 to 5000 users. We have a range of business telephone systems and ancillary solutions from Avaya, Gamma and more. Based near Manchester in Stockport, Criterion has a proud history of supporting business phone systems throughout the UK via a Group network.

We’re at the forefront of Voice over IP telephone system technologies and have solutions tailored for businesses, towards utilising voice over internet protocol (VoIP systems). Find out more about VoIP technology and how it can help you.

We can also install one of our Private Branch Exchange telephone systems (PBX systems), which are ideal for mid-sized businesses, on premises, alongside any PSTN/ISDN/SIP lines that you may need.

Hosted, Hybrid telephone systems and Pure IP business telephone systems are all available from Criterion Systems.

Criterion Mobile

No reliance on other networks, we own the core mobile network systems
No reliance on other networks, we access the core mobile network systems directly

Criterion Mobile is a business mobile phone service built exclusively for the UK business market. We use travel bolt-ons that are as flexible as your schedule. Our mobile phone service isn’t reliant on other networks, because we access the core mobile network systems directly. We offer a fixed/mobile convergence roadmap that prepares your business for the future and you’ll get a network provider with a focus on customer service excellence.

  • No reliance on other networks, we access the core mobile network systems directly
  • Our network is built for business only
  • Access your mobile device to the biggest and most reliable data network in the UK
  • No consumer traffic during business hours
  • Business-centric voicemail service
  • 5G as standard
  • A fixed/mobile convergence roadmap

Telephone Systems

We have a wide range of office telephone systems available, including PBX phone systems, and an important part of our service is helping you identify the key telephone system for your business needs.

  • Standard office phone lines to wireless IP phones
  • Multiline telephone systems
  • Hybrid telephone systems
  • PBX telephone systems
  • An auto attendant menu system for incoming calls
  • Automatic redirection of calls
  • WiFi with 4G and 5G carriers
  • DECT Systems
  • VoIP systems that are easy to set up and can cut costs of your calls

Business Services

As specialists in businesses communication systems, we offer a wide range of advanced features and business services alongside our telephone systems.

  • Call recording and logging
  • Video conferencing
  • On hold marketing
  • Music on hold
  • Digital dashboards
  • Computer telephony integration

Line Rental

The combination of cost-saving telephone line rental, calls and ease of set up and installation make our lines perfect for large and small businesses.

  • Saving most companies around 20% on their line rental
  • Telephone line set up and installation and call quality checking
  • Phone line project planning service
  • Free migration
  • Single point of contact, which means only one bill.

Computer Systems

We know you would rather be concentrating on running your business than dealing with technical issues, that’s why we offer a range of IT support and backup.

  • Cloud computing and backup
  • in-house team of specialists and field engineers
  • IT and network support
  • IT Security, protecting you from cyber fraud and network attacks
  • Regular health checks reduce the risk of hardware failures

Data Connectivity

We can help your business with a new internet connection and give you a stable and reliable internet connection, speeding your business up.

  • Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) up to 1Gbps
  • Fibre broadband (FTTC), up to 80Mbps
  • Fibre allows you to use a VoIP system
  • Reliable ADSL broadband solution, up to 24Mbps
  • Dedicated leased line

Business Utilities

We can save your business money on its utility bills by analysing you meter number through our broker system, finding the cheapest provider for you.

  • 100% green energy
  • Compare Gas and Electricity for your power supply
  • Business water supply

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