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Data Connectivity

“Why is my internet slow?”

We can help with new connections and speed you up when you have a slow internet connection. Wherever you choose to do business you should always have a reliable online access.

Whether you’re taking ADSL, fibre broadband, or a dedicated leased line, you’ll receive a stable and reliable experience. We check your connectivity options before providing an overview of costs and benefits. It doesn’t matter if your area is not fibre enabled, we can combine options for the best speed and reliability.

Connectivity solutions:

why is my internet slow
speed up internet
Fibre broadband
faster broadband
Assured broadband
internet running slow
Dedicated leased line
slow internet
Ethernet 1st Mile
faster internet
Microwave broadband

ADSL Broadband – up to 24Mbps*

*Megabits per second.

Straight forward broadband with unbeatable customer support. ADSL is your basic fast speed internet connection. More resilient and faster than a home solution. We also ensure you’re not paying for a connection you aren’t fully utilising. Our hardware box is pre-configured and can be remotely managed. Just plug it in.

Most businesses can receive ADSL 2+ with speeds of up to 24Mbps. Our ADSL broadband packages come with unlimited and unmetered monthly download restrictions.

Ideal for:

  • Business grade internet access
  • Web browsing and email
  • Backup for other connections
  • Quick installation

Fibre Broadband – up to 80Mbps

Sometimes referred to as “Superfast Broadband”. If you rely on fast internet connectivity, fibre broadband provides both speed and performance with up to 80Mbps download and 20Mbps upload. Up to five times faster than standard ADSL. Fibre also allows SME businesses to take advantage of VoIP for telephony, file sharing and other hosted services without investing in dedicated connectivity. Recommended for businesses that have outgrown their ADSL capacity.

Ideal for:

  • Heavy internet usage
  • Multiple users, offices or devices
  • Remote working
  • File sharing
  • Cloud services and hosted telephony

Assured Broadband

Assured Broadband is a guarantee of bandwidth, service and performance. Ideal for priority applications such as SIP (multimedia communication, HD video conferencing and skype). Assured Broadband can separately manage voice calls and data use.

This is an end-to-end hosted telephony solution . Criterion provide the router, assured broadband line and the handsets. It’s also fully managed with a strict SLA (Service Level Agreement) which guarantees fix time in the event of a loss of service.

EFM (Ethernet in the First Mile) – 2Mbps to 30Mbps

Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) is a reliable high-speed business internet connection. It’s cheap and quick to install making EFM one of the most commonly purchased types of leased lines for SME’s. Your connection is dedicated to your business alone (not shared) . Delivering guaranteed bandwidth speeds between 2Mbps and 30Mbps and you only pay for what you need. This approach can result in 40% costs savings compared to a leased line.

Great for companies using SIP, hosted telephony, video conferencing or large  data transfers. EFM can support more users than ADSL without a noticeable drop in speed.

Leased Lines – 10Mbps to 10Gbps

Leased line is a private high performance internet connection with speeds ranging from 10Mbps to 10Gbps and above. Designed to carry voice, large data and heavy internet traffic on a dedicated line. Our lines can be provided up to 35Km distance between your office and the nearest network Point of Presence (PoP) with no degradation in bandwidth. All of our Leased Lines provided are fully supported by comprehensive performance SLA’s.

We can speed you up when you have a slow internet connection.

Microwave Broadband

Our microwave broadband provides high speed access to rural areas with poor internet speeds. Provided you can pick up a signal from one of our distribution masts, we can speed up your internet connection. We use wireless technology, and can provide speeds of up to 1Gbps. We have helped many rural businesses in Cheshire and the North West with slow internet access.

If you’re a long way from an exchange the quality of your phone line may be poor, regardless of your provider. Some areas may have a Wi-Fi hotspot or mobile 3G, but these often provide slow speeds. Our microwave connections are uncontended providing a guaranteed level of service, perfect for video and other bandwidth hungry business applications.

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