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Hosted Telephony for Recruitment

Winning the race for talent with a Horizon Hosted Phone System


The telephone system is undoubtedly the lifeblood of any recruitment company. Contact with candidates and clients is what drives business forward – therefore the chosen system must be reliable and offer the features required to operate as efficiently as possible.

Horizon Hosted for Recruitment Agencies

The Challenge

Not only are high quality features required but the system must be resilient and have a disaster recovery plan in place. Time is money for recruitment consultants and one thing they simply cannot operate without is a phone. In such a competitive industry every edge counts, so having a sophisticated telephony system is essential. Tracking the quantity and type of calls made can often be tricky.

With all of these outbound calls, call costs can be high too. Plus, when meeting candidates and during interviews the agents will inevitably miss calls. A quick response is critical as candidates can often be placed for the same role by different agencies, so it can be literally a race to place the top talent.

Horizon Hosted for Recruitment Agencies

Call reporting is a necessity in an industry so heavily driven by sales targets. Efficiency needs to be monitored to ensure day-to-day operations are seamless and profits maximised. Agents will not always be based in the office – however calls still need to be connected wherever they are located. Flexibility is essential in the telephone system as well as a host of features to ensure the agents can work as effectively as possible.

Horizon Hosted for Recruitment Agencies

The Solution

  • Save on support costs
    An administration interface that allows administrators to easily perform adds, moves and changes.
  • Call reporting tool
    Consultancies can keep a check on staff productivity and then apply necessary training or call routing adjustments where necessary.
  • Call recording
    For the purpose of quality monitoring and training.
  • Smartphone app
    The recruitment agent is able to make and receive calls wherever they have a data connection or WiFi. This means they can be contacted wherever they are and be accessed using one number – their Horizon DDI.
  • Twinning
    The agent can receive calls on their mobile when an inbound call is received.
  • Music and messages on hold
    Giving off a professional image while callers are waiting for their calls to be answered. Likewise by using an auto-attendant, clients and candidates will be able to get through to agents faster and ensure they reach the correct department.
  • Establish a local presence
    Using local numbers, a consultancy can buy local rate numbers. The agents can dial out using those numbers and benefit from a local presence when speaking to candidates.
  • Integrator CRM
    A client record will pop up on the agent’s screen when they call in, enabling the agent to answer the phone accordingly, by linking to Outlook on their CRM system. Plus, outbound calling is made quicker with the click-to-dial feature.

The recruitment industry needs a reliable and flexible telephone system – it needs Horizon.