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Green Energy

Criterion can provide 100% green energy

Criterion has a range of Green tariffs; all our Green Products use power generated from 100% renewable sources. They come with a zero emissions rating and are backed with a “Guarantee of Origin”, certifying that the electricity has been generated exclusively through wind (hydro assets).

Green Energy

Meeting the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard, the electricity purchased can be matched to REGOs (Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin) allowing you to report zero emissions for “Scope 2” purchased electricity.

These products are also available to small customers who care about the environment, not just the major corporate users.

Where does green energy come from?

Renewable energy comes from natural processes such as sunlight, wind, or moving water that are continuously replenished. Solar energy comes from the sun and can be turned into both electricity and heat. Geothermal energy comes from heat inside the earth.

EV Charge Points

If you are looking to provide EV charging points at your business premises, then we have a range of solutions available. Whether you’re looking to offer a single charge point or multiple charge points we can tailor something to suit your needs. Working with a range of energy suppliers we can ensure that your EV charge points are in place and ready to use quickly and efficiently. We also ensure we deliver value for money and provide you with a competitive rate on your EV charging energy.

Why EV?

Electric Vehicles are becoming more and more popular throughout the UK and with the focus on green energy, congestion charge exemption and other incentives this is only set to increase. Your staff and your customers are both likely to start increasing their use of electric vehicles, so you can be ahead of the curve in offering them charge points at your premises!

Let us help the planet, switch to a green tariff today.