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The Cost-Effective Alternative: Choosing A Virtual Business Phone System

Do you often have calls with international clients? Or do you need a phone system suitable for remote staff?

Telecommunications has changed a great deal over the past few years, an evolution that was accelerated by the pandemic. 

A virtual business phone system is not only more cost-effective, it provides many other advantages, including the fact it’s much more flexible and allows you to have the same number at any location. 

Criterion Systems Ltd enables you to get a quotation for a new phone system within only 30 seconds. 

No matter what kind of business you run, we have the latest technology for a wide range of applications. A big part of our business is helping companies find the exact solution for their specific needs. 

 We install a wide range of virtual business phone systems, including:

  • Polycom EM50 Expansion Module which is the ultimate solution for telephone attendants, receptionists, administrative staff and other power users.
  • Avaya Telephone Systems including Avaya IP Office which is suitable for up to 3000 users and offices on the go or home offices. 
  • Hosted Voice Over IP Phone Systems. These are some of the most popular for modern businesses and offer a wealth of benefits no matter which industry you work in. A VoIP system does everything a traditional telephone system does but also offers a multitude of other benefits. 
  • Hosted telephony for solicitors. This technology is brilliant for helping law firms improve their efficiency.

If you need help choosing your new business phone system, simply contact our team today.