Business Services

As specialists in business phone systems, Criterion are a one stop shop for lines and calls, broadband, IT and business mobiles. These are just some of our specialist services.

Call Logging and Call Recording

Criterion provide logging and call recording solutions that allows you to access all calls from a centralised interface. You can listen back to any itemised call,  through a secure web browser and even integrate call information into your own back-end systems.

Solution we provide:
Echo for TIM Plus or TIM Enterprise
Record over VoIP/SIP
Record over PSTN
Cisco Skinny calls (SCCP)
POTS/Analogue phone lines

Computer Telephony Integration

Integrating computer and phone systems together with our CTI integrator provides smoother workflow and increased efficiency. Instantly save and view all call information going to and from phones. Furthermore, when combined with your CRM system,  a customers call triggers the ID and details of all previous correspondence. As a result, calls are dealt with more efficiently.

CTI uses Google search for unrecognised calls,  and has a call transfer feature, displaying who else is available if a call requires transferring.

Specialists in video conferencing, call recording and digital dashboards.

Video conferencing

Video conferencing is available on all video equipped devices that have a network connection (laptop, tablet and mobile). Criterion recommend Avaya Scopia, a flexible solution for connecting customers and clients over any type of network. Link to post.

On Hold Marketing

Promote your business using your telephone system,  using free air time generated by your existing telephone system. When a client’s call is placed on hold a professionally recorded broadcast advert is played. These are creatively produced to inform customers or special offers or promotions.

How does it Work?

The broadcast adverts are firstly uploaded onto your system by an engineer. The broadcast messages are activated automatically when a caller is placed on hold.

Whether you have one clear message or want to promote contrasting  seasonal offerings, On Hold Marketing is tailored to your needs. Broadcasts are available  individually or as flexible monthly packages to spread the cost.

  • Businesses put 70% of callers on hold on a daily basis!
  • 30% of customers make purchases after hearing about it on hold!
  • 30 seconds is the average time a caller is put on hold for!
  • 75% of callers met with silence or irritating pre-loaded telephone music hang up within 30 seconds.

Business Digital Dashboards

A Digital Dashboard displays key business metrics in real-time on a desktop monitor or wall mounted screen.  The dashboard can show a variety of KPI (Key Performance Indicator) information, resulting in clearer collaboration and performance.

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