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Looking For The Best VoIP Providers For Your Business?

Is your office phone system still stuck in the dark ages? Do you often pay more than you need to for calls?

VoIP enables you to make calls over the internet to landlines and mobile phones, or computer-to-computer. In other words, anywhere in the world where an internet connection is available. Not only can you use it for audio calls, but services like video calls, instant messaging and file sharing.

The main benefits of VoIP systems is they provide much lower costs, even if you’re calling clients overseas. They also mean there’s no location tracking for your business. You can therefore provide continuity if your office moves premises. 

Criterion Systems Ltd is one of the leading VoIP providers in companies in a range of sectors. 

That includes education, estate agents, solicitors, and the recruitment industry. We love helping companies upgrade their phone system and make full use of the latest technology. 

Criterion Systems also help you get VoIP technology as quickly as possible, with quotations available within only 30 seconds.  On our website, it’s easy to calculate the cost of introducing one of our phone systems to your business.  Why not use our VoIP cost calculator to get started?

If you’re seeking the best VoIP providers for your company, discover more reasons to choose Criterion Systems Ltd. Or get in touch for more information.