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Unified Voip and Mobile

Mobile phones and services are at the heart of how almost all businesses communicate. Despite the flexibility they provide, mobiles are designed for the individual user and behave like a communication island within the office phone system.

Alternatively, Cloud PBX are now widely adopted, providing critical features to businesses such as reception services, conferencing and call reporting, but are limited by their fixed nature.


Connect, a solution from Criterion, integrates your mobile phone with your Voip service allowing you to join landline, mobile and laptop communications together and make use of the service’s features anytime, anywhere. By streamlining the communication service, businesses can provide their staff with the flexibility to work wherever they are and ultimately improve the overall business productivity and responsiveness to customers.

Unlike similar services, you can adopt Unified Mobile incrementally, at your own pace and it does not require an app to fully integrate with the mobile. The offer is simple with businesses having just one provider and only paying for what they need. Companies with employees who are regularly away from the office will find Unified Mobile a great asset. By combining the

flexibility of a mobile phone whilst benefitting from the features of Voip, Unified Mobile makes your team more productive, your customer service more responsive and your costs more controllable.

Thousands of organisations trust us with their voice, mobile and data services. With Unified Mobile, we are providing the best from Voip, our market-proven service and Unified Mobile, the business-only mobile network.